Why The New Zealand Curriculum is changing

Our Shared Kaupapa for the refresh of The New Zealand Curriculum, and the curriculum change journey

Together, we’re refreshing The New Zealand Curriculum so that schools and communities are better supported to do what they do best: create rich and responsive learning that helps every ākonga realise their goals and aspirations.

Central to the refresh is ensuring that The New Zealand Curriculum gives effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, is inclusive, clear about the learning that matters, and easy to use from year 1 to year 13.

Gifted by our Curriculum Voices Group, this Shared Kaupapa sets out why we’re refreshing The New Zealand Curriculum, and lays down a vision that puts ākonga – their languages, cultures, identities, and strengths – at the centre of the refreshed curriculum.

The New Zealand Curriculum change journey

We all want a curriculum that is best for our ākonga – their identities, wellbeing, aspirations and strengths.

Through Kōrero Mātauranga,  - we’ve heard from tens of thousands of New Zealanders such as; ākonga, kaiako, educational experts, and members of the public about their vision for the future of The New Zealand Curriculum
The message has been clear. Change is needed to ensure The New Zealand Curriculum

•    gives effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi
•    is inclusive, 
•    clear about the learning that matters for our ākonga,
•    is easy to use.


Keeping up with an evolving Aotearoa

As Aotearoa New Zealand evolves, so must our education system to meet the needs of ākonga entering a new world. While many of the elements from the current 2007 New Zealand Curriculum are retained, the refreshed curriculum will make the learning journey coherent, rich, and responsive to the needs of our ākonga, from early learning through to year 13. And if ākonga move between learning, Te Marautanga o Aotearoa is being redesigned in parallel.

The refresh of The New Zealand Curriculum aligns with and supports:

Bringing out the best

We want curricula that brings out the best in every ākonga so that they are present, participating, and progressing in their learning as set out in the Ministry of Education Attendance and Engagement Strategy.

The refreshed NZC will provide a stronger focus on inclusive practice that gives effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, values and builds on the strengths ākonga bring to literacy and numeracy in learning across the curriculum, and supports learners to better access its richness. 

With the changes we’re making, we’ll offer a coherent set of curriculum services to help you meet the NELP, enrich your local curriculum, and provide the best possible teaching and learning for your ākonga. 

So, get involved, have your say, and be part of the change as together we refresh The New Zealand Curriculum