Mathematics and statistics

Learning area

Mathematics and statistics learning area

The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) is being updated and made available in phases, and schools and kura have until the beginning of 2027 to start using the fully refreshed national curriculum. 

The mathematics and statistics learning area is currently being updated, and content for Maths (Years 0-13) will be available for review in Term 4, 2024.

Schools and kura will need to teach the updated Maths learning area from Term 1, 2026.

The draft mathematics and statistics learning area on this page is for reference only, as it is currently being updated.

For now, schools and kura should continue to teach mathematics & statistics, aligned to the currently required New Zealand Curriculum (2007). Existing requirements are broad and enabling, so the draft refreshed mathematics and statistics learning area can be used to inform how teaching and learning programmes are designed.