Teacher-only days

Resources to support teacher-only days

There are four additional teacher-only days for primary and secondary schools in 2023 and 2024 to support the implementation of Te Mātaiaho | the refreshed NZ curriculum, the re-design of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, and the NCEA Change Programme.

In 2024, these teacher-only days will be held between 27 May and 7 June, and 21 October and 15 November.

Schools need to liaise with local Ministry of Education offices to choose teacher-only days. If neighbouring schools or kāhui choose the same date, it will help collaboration and shared facilitation, and minimise disruption for parents and whānau.

Preparing for your teacher-only day

This page has resources from 2023 which are designed to help you facilitate sessions about Te Mātaiaho | the refreshed New Zealand Curriculum.

New resources for teacher-only days will be available from the end of April 2024.

We encourage you to take a look at them before the day and choose the activities that are most useful for you. You may not need to do all of them.

We suggest you download the March 2023 draft of Te Mātaiaho:

How to use these activities

Some of these activities were developed for the first teacher-only day and have been updated, and some are new. They support the March 2023 draft of Te Mātaiaho.

Activities 1 and 2 will help you understand why the curriculum is being refreshed and become familiar Te Mātaiaho | the refreshed New Zealand curriculum.  

Activities 3 to 6 build on that understanding to help prepare you to implement Te Mātaiaho in your planning and teaching.

Activities are designed for groups of staff but could be adapted for Kahui Āko or for individual use.

If you’re not sure what stage of readiness you’re at, use the Readiness Tool to identify the right stage. Then choose the activities which work best for your school.

Each activity includes a slide deck and notes for the facilitator.

Download them here:

Approximate durations have been given for the tasks, but these are an indication only and you may wish to spend more time on discussion or an activity.

Suggested follow up activities can be scheduled for future staff professional learning sessions or individuals’ professional learning and development.

Useful materials for all activities are: projector, screen (with sound), sticky notes, laptops, pens, whiteboard/markers.

Note that these resources are being continuously updated. If a link doesn’t work in a version you have already downloaded, check back to this page for updated materials.

Explore the full range of online resources for teacher-only days


Last updated: 16 October 2023